Who is a Health Coach?  Are they Therapists?

A Health Coach is a Registered health care professional. They receive their certificate and registration after completing 18 months of intensive training and passing practical exams. A Health Coach usually has a background in the healthcare field with a bachelor or master’s degree in Biology, Psychology, Social Work, etc. Although a Health Coach is not a therapist, they have vast knowledge and an evidence-based approach in all aspects of human life. They are trained in areas including weight loss, stress management, communication, and problem-solving skills. A good Health Coach will help to improve a patient's quality of life.

They work with patients, individually and/or collectively to highlight issues, goals, objectives, and aspirations, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, openness and care. The Health Coach will collaborate with the patient to take actions based on collected information to create step by step life-altering plans with effective lasting results. They guide clients to apply their existing and gained knowledge into enjoyable, practical life-style habits that they cannot part with.

A good Health Coach reinforces the connection between great positive energy and boosted confidence that they generate, with a healthy lifestyle plan. They help patients create goals that are simple yet concise and critical to them. Patients are motivated to continue moving forward by allowing them to have tangible experiences and feel the positive effect.  A Health Coach will continue to work with patients until they reach their set goals, objectives and learn to practice steps and skills to become independent and self-sufficient to live their own best lives.

Registered Health Coaches and therapists are proactive, positive mentors who generally convey the same positive objective just in different ways. People are encouraged to work towards what naturally and therapeutically works best for them.