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Weight management is not about a quick fix, we are here to help you reach your best weight through a multifactorial approach that focuses on healthy eating, behavioural change and medical management.

Full Comparison
Nutrigrative Package
Moderated & personalized approach + long-term maintenance
Lifestyle education and counselling
Medical follow-up 
Individual + group sessions
Optional: Partial meal replacement (Optifast®)
Moderated and personalized approach + long-term maintenance
Lifestyle education and counselling
Reconstructing habits
Medical follow-up
Individual sessions
Optional: Group Sessions
Optional: Partial meal replacement (Optifast®)
Add-on: Custom Recipes Package for $500
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Our "Nutrigrative" Team

This program offers frequent visits with the Registered Dietitian and Health Coach to guide you through making gradual changes to adopt a healthier lifestyle that both fits your needs and will increase your adherence for long-term changes. As well as, monitoring by the doctor for medical management of conditions and supervision for pharmacological therapy.

The Registered Health Coach will...

  • Motivate, support and guide you to taking steps towards achieving a healthier lifestyle 
  • Help provide a sense of accountability to help you reach your goals
  • Cultivate aliveness and passion in order for you to create needed lifestyle intervention and  become the BEST Version of Yourself.

The Registered Dietitian will...

  • Listen to you to understand your nutritional needs and goals and collaborate with you to develop a personalized plan
  • Guide and support you to gradually make changes to your nutrition and physical activity
  • Educate you on essential topics to help you get the knowledge and skills that will support a healthier lifestyle long-term
  • Collaborate with the Health Coach to support behaviour modification

The Medical Specialist will...

  • Complete a medical assessment and develop a treatment plan
  • Follow-up on your progress, medical conditions and bloodwork and adjust your medical plan for optimal management of your metabolic conditions
  • Prescribe obesity medications if needed and follow up on progress
  • Supervise the program and support nutrition and CBT visits

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Our Nutrigrative Team is Ready to help you