Registered Health and Life coach

Keloudia Kohzadi

Keloudia Kohzadi is  an Obesity educator and a Registered Health and Life coach. She has a Master’s degree in  Microbiology from Iran.  Also, she was a Registered Dental Hygienist before devoting herself to helping people become their best selves. Her personal and family struggles with weight motivated  her to learn more about the obesity pandemic that afflicts millions of people globally. Having been involved in this program and benefited first hand from it's life changing strategies, she wants to share that knowledge and help others find a sustainable way back to a healthy lifestyle.

She utilizes years of experiences in helping patients to  have a better understanding of obesity as a chronic disease, develop their long-term goals and strategies to achieve them.  She is empathetic, compassionate, dedicated and caring.

Without judgement, Keloudia listens to your story, your challenges, then guides you to the realization that you  and only YOU hold the power to achieve your best weight.  The step-by-step process she has developed, uses curated, science based information to help you envision  and create a healthier lifestyle.