Our Nutrigrative Team

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The Nutrigrative Team

Dr. Shrayyef

Endocrinologist, Founder & Clinical Director

Dr. Shrayyef is a Consultant Endocrinologist who believes in empowerment to instill healthy changes, inspiring his patients to attain and sustain healthy weights. He leads and orchestrates a highly trained team to implement a holistic, integrative, state-of art approach for weight management.

Dr. Omar Rafai, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Centre Manager

Dr. Omar is a passionate advocate for Integrative Medicine and patient-centered care. He manages a fantastic team of healthcare providers and staff at Dr. Shrayyef's Weight Management Centre, always striving for structure and excellence.

Nayla Salameh

Registered Dietitian

Nayla Salameh is a passionate Registered Dietitian and weight management specialist with more than ten years of experience in the field. Nayla strives to help patients by using an innovative approach to weight management, intuitive eating strategies and personalized meal plans specific to achieve set health and fitness goals.

Keloudia Kohzadi

Registered Health and Life coach

Keloudia Kohzadi is an Obesity educator and a Registered Health and Life coach. She utilizes years of experiences in helping patients to have a better understanding of obesity as a chronic disease, develop their long-term goals and strategies to achieve them. She is empathetic, compassionate, dedicated and caring.