About Us

We would like to welcome you to Dr. Shrayyef’s Nutrigrative Weight Management Centre. Building on the success of our weight loss team at the Thyroid & Hormones Endocrinology Center, Dr. Shrayyef decided to establish this centre to help people achieve their best weight and live their lives to the fullest potential.

We are a group of health care professionals who understand the frustration and challenges of managing obesity and weight. Obesity, we believe (and so does Obesity Canada), is a chronic disease — not something that can be solved using the latest fad dieting solution, but through what we like to call a “Nutrigrative Approach”. Using comprehensive methods involving nutrition, psychology and medicine we will work to tackle your barriers for weight management, support your capacity to improve your lifestyle and remove the blame and judgement to boost your confidence and increase your quality of life.
Your weight is not your fault - it doesn't have to be your destiny"
Dr. Shrayyef— Founder, Nutrigrative Weight Management Centre

“Our mission is to create a holistic and sustainable approach to support people achieve their best weight and live their lives to the fullest potential.”

We aim to be your guide and support system as you tackle your weight from a medical, psychological and nutrition perspective, facilitating sustainable lifestyle changes and helping you reach your best weight and best self. We support you to reach your best weight by shifting focus from the number on the scale to improving overall health and wellness.


“Our vision is to be on the forefront of addressing obesity as a chronic disease - our first step in helping to develop a healthier community.”

We want to change the current narrative around obesity management to eliminate blame, judgement and quick fixes and give this chronic condition the attention it deserves. Through this centre, Dr. Shrayyef aspires to create a healthy and supportive community, one where we can all help each other live healthy and fulfilled lives.

Our Values

Part of any team’s success is sharing common values, especially when those values are based on good principles and promote exceptional service. We take pride in our values and we believe that they make us who we are!

Empathetic and Compassionate

Your story is essential to your journey, we are here to listen, understand and incorporate your lived experience into your weight management plan.

Nutrigrative = Nutrition + Integrative

We believe the best approach is one that integrates nutritional management with cognitive behavioural strategies and medical support.

Healthy Community

We are here to change the discourse around obesity and drive progress towards creating healthier communities at large.