Nutrigrative Package

Our Premium Package is a 1 year long medically-supervised comprehensive program that addresses medical health, nutrition, physical activity and cognitive behaviour strategies. Our Endocrinologist works hand-in-hand with our experienced Registered Dietitian, Health Coach and Naturopathic Doctor to provide a holistic and “Nutrigrative” approach to weight management.

This program will guide and support you to manage your weight through sustainable lifestyle changes to reach your best weight and be your best self. We want to provide you with the nutrition knowledge and skills and the psychological strategies to build a strong foundation that will support your healthy lifelong management of your weight. Your visits will include follow-up on progress, education, counselling and development of goals throughout for gradual changes. 

Weight management medications, personalized meal plans and partial meal replacements (Optifast®) are also available with the package, additional charges apply.Through this program we aim to: 

  • Support you to reach your best weight by shifting focus from the number on the scale to improving overall health and wellness
  • Guide you to achieve your values 
  • Remove blame and judgement 
  • Improve your quality of life

If you are interested in bariatric surgery, our Endocrinologist can review your eligibility and refer you for surgery after completing our program .Through our program we want to ensure you are prepared for bariatric surgery and your weight management journey afterwards. This is because bariatric surgery is not a quick fix on it’s own, it requires changing and maintaining healthy eating behaviours to maintain weight loss long-term.

Why 1 Year?

To help you make the most of this experience we have chosen to run this program for a year to:  

  • Cover all the essential information 
  • Provide sufficient time to develop behavioural changes and healthy lifelong habits
  • To guide and support you through the beginning of you journey to set you up for success
Evidence shows that a year long (52-weeks) program can lead to higher weight loss, improved weight maintenance and clinical outcomes.1 Even better, It is also more cost-effective for long-term lifestyle changes!

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2. Ahern, Wheeler. “Extended and Standard Duration Weight-Loss Programme Referrals for Adults in Primary Care (WRAP): a Randomised Controlled Trial.” The Lancet (British edition) 389.10085 (2017): 2214–2225. Web.